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Serving Alabama clients since 1974

Family-owned dedication to top-quality piping and customer satisfaction.

Central Alabama Piping, a subsidiary of Central Alabama Heating and Air, has been a family-owned and operated HVAC contracting business since 1974. As one of Shelby County’s oldest HVAC contractors, we have a rich history, beginning with our founder Bill Junkins. His sons, Rick and Robbie Junkins, have successfully led the business since 1986. Their extensive experience in the commercial and industrial sectors across Shelby County has deepened our understanding of the welding industry.

We pride ourselves on being working owners, with one of us present at every job to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and unparalleled workmanship and quality.

Our enduring mission is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and become the premier resource for all piping needs. We are dedicated to offering the best customer service, marked by our long-standing commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work.