Central Alabama Piping

Bulk Welding Gas Piping Services

Specializing in bulk gas piping installations for industrial and commercial needs throughout Alabama.

About Us

Founded in 1974, Central Alabama Piping, a proud division of Central Alabama Heating and Air, has been serving the state of Alabama for decades. Family-owned and operated, our legacy began with Bill Junkins and continues under Rick and Robbie Junkins. Dedicated to excellence in bulk gas piping for welding applications, we ensure every project meets our high standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Central Alabama Piping?

Central Alabama Piping installs and repairs bulk gas piping in Alabaster, AL and surrounding areas. We’ll make sure your business has the gas piping it needs to operate at maximum efficiency, day in and day out. We specialize in bulk gas pipe leak evaluations, too.

Licensed & Certified

Fully licensed and certified professionals, ensuring reliable and compliant bulk gas piping services.

Established 1974

Decades of industry presence, trusted for high-quality piping services since 1974.

Expert Craftsmanship

Combining expertise and precision in every project to deliver exceptional craftsmanship in bulk piping.


Premium Materials, Superior Performance

We use only the highest-grade materials for our gas piping installations, ensuring durability, safety, and efficiency. Our commitment to quality materials translates into long-lasting, reliable piping solutions for all our clients.