Durable Bulk Gas Pipes Materials in Alabama

Duratec pipe is a unique composite structure that incorporates a rigid yet flexible aluminum core, permanently bonded to layers of durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. HDPE on the inner and outer layers provides the best corrosion resistance against aggressive manufacturing environments while eliminating the inner scaling and corrosion associated with traditional metal compressed air pipes. Duratec fittings are supplied in tough nickel-plated brass or stainless steel and utilize unique double o-ring seals to ensure long term joint integrity.

Welding Departments can utilize this piping as an effective way of cutting costs.

Applications for Duratec piping include:

  • Robotic Welding Applications
  • Laser Welding and Cutting Applications
  • Manual Welding Stations
  • Orbital Welding and Compressed Shop Air.

Welding Station Drops can be Singles or “clustered” together as Double or Triples for Purging and Welding applications.

We also install stainless steel, copper and iron bulk gas piping.

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